Great Views by Boat

Since I moved to New York about two years ago, I've kept a bucket list of things I'd like to experience, which includes a waterway cruise around Manhattan. Most of the other to-dos involve warm weather, outdoor activities that range from "obvious" to "I've lived her all my life and I've never heard of that." An evening cruise probably falls into the "obvious" category, but it is something that even life-long New Yorkers should experience. The views are out of this world! It is easy to get caught up with the hustle and bustle and forget how connected to water this city is. 

I took the the "Thirsty Thursday" cruise from Circle Line; a friend purchased about a dozen tickets in a clump and secured a low price of $18. The event is geared toward the young professional crowd, with dance music and bar right on the deck. There was picnic-type food for those who didn't eat before for a nominal price. Our event wasn't very well attended, which was fine for us because we really just wanted to soak in the views; a crowded party atmosphere wasn't what we were after.