Grand Central Terminal as seen during Summer Streets 2014

A Walk Through Grand Central

Besides listening to lots of 1994 albums, another way I've been living like the early '90s is by Rollerblading! I utilized a Summer Streets event in Manhattan where Park Avenue was closed from the Upper East Side, all the way to Lafayette and then on to the Brooklyn Bridge. We Rollerbladed as everyone else (besides maybe 6 other 'bladers") walked, jogged or biked. At first I was so terrifyed that I was getting passed by runners. I don't think I've been on Rollerblades in 8 years. But, after a few minutes, I loved it. 

A cool feature of the Summer Streets event was getting to blade through the grand central terminal roadway that is normally only opened to cars. It sort of wraps around the building so you get really cool views you wouldn't normally see.