I recently returned from a very relaxing vacation where I flew from NYC to Denver. In Denver, I met my good friend Camille where we picked-up our rental, a fiery red Mustang convertible. While in line at the rental place, we overheard they had overbooked their convertibles. True, the clerk tried to entice us to switch to a hardtop Mustang or Jeep Wrangler. We were not to be dissuaded from our original inclination that the entire point of our Rocky Mountain adventure was to take in the natural beauty of surroundings—we wanted our freakin’ Mustang. We would have accepted another form of convertible sedan, but a Jeep Wrangler is bumpy, loud and not as pleasant a ride. We, along with our friends following our exploits on Facebook, were tempted to refer to us as “Thelma and Louise” but to be honest, neither one of us have ever seen the movie and have no idea which character we preferred to be.

While in Denver, we checked out some of the gluten free and vegan dining options (and there were many), rented B Cycles, took the Banjo Billy Bus Tour and hung out inside the newly renovated Union Terminal. We were both impressed by the sophisticated refurbishment of Union Terminal; it both looked like a train station circa 1900 and a hip coffee shop/bar/beer hall in 2015.

Besides Denver, we spent a few days in Breckenridge, as well as visiting Boulder and the Rocky Mountain National Park. The convertible really came through for us on these winding mountain roads. In fact, if I lived in Colorado and wanted to take a drive through the Rocky Mountain National Park, I would still rent a convertible to do so.