Investigating and researching new, atmospheric places to eat is one of my hobbies. Adding difficulty to this task, which I happily face, is the fact that I do not eat gluten. I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant in May 2005. In the past 11 years, I've developed many tricks to locating places to dine that offer gluten free options.

The most fail-proof method for finding gluten free dining options in New York City 

gluten free dining search nyc

1). Go to Yelp from your laptop or desktop computer; if you use your phone, just make sure you are using a browser. The Yelp app for tablets and phones is not as useful in finding gluten free options. I will explain why later.

2). To start, find the search bars at the top of the page. In the right bar labeled "near" enter the part of town in which you want to dine.  In the left field labeled "find" enter the search term "gluten free."

3). Navigate to an individual restaurant in the search results. Now, this is where the desktop site becomes important. You want to see the context in which the reviewer used the term gluten free. For example, if enough people say "I wish there were gluten free options," then that restaurant lacking in gluten free options will make it into the search results, as in the example below.

Searching within all the reviews for the term "gluten free" will give you insight into the quality of the results, as well as the types of gluten free options. The full version of the website offers a search function where you can once again search "gluten free" from all the results on this individual restaurant. The app version does not have the search function. 

4). If I like what I read about the restaurant after searching for "gluten free" in the reviews, I bookmark the restaurant and note that it is gluten free, as well as add the details I learned from doing the more in depth search. I have many bookmarks with "gluten free pizza only" or "gluten free buns" or in very rare cases, such as with Senza Gluten, "entirely gluten free menu." This way, when I'm out and about in NYC, I can use my phone and the app. I simply look in my bookmarks for the best gluten free options nearby. 

I've been gluten free for 10 years, and I have found this method to be the fastest, most efficient method in locating gluten free dining options. Yes, there are gluten free specific websites out there that some people use to guide their dining excursions, but nothing can beat the collective blogging power of every Yelp review ever. I am constantly discovering places with gluten free options that I never would have if I didn't periodically use this method. Another method of finding out about gluten free dining in New York City is by following me on Yelp.