Fashion Brand Development & Design


A newly launched NYC-themed graphic tee brand recently deployed its eCommerce site and email newsletter, as well as its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. The brand was looking for identity and voice.


Because the brand launched with only 7 unique tee designs, I needed to get creative. How could I make enough assets for many months of original posts to multiple social media accounts, a web site and email campaigns? I decided to use my location and brand inspiration, New York City, for inspiration.


I pulled elements within the shirts' designs for a basis of campaigns to start, each week focusing on a new shirt. Also, I called upon famous New York City landmarks and pop cultural icons, as well as seasonal icons, for themed campaigns.


With zero budget, I relied on my own photos of NYC, existing editorial photographs, original sketches and stock vectors. I even used the original vectors from the tees' designs to integrate into new graphics. Using red, black, white and font from the brand's logo, I created a consistent, look and feel to all assets.


Digital graphics must be sized appropriately for every media outlet. I learned and stayed up-to-date on best practices for designing graphics for each platform. I created test accounts, trying each image for readability and functionality before posting. Furthermore, I learned how to design and execute MailChimp campaigns.