Amy Thacker

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Work Experience

Amy received her masters in teaching degree from Kent State University and her BA from Baldwin Wallace University. She has a decade's worth of professional experience working in marketing and design. Contact Amy for more information.

A Born Storyteller

Amy Thacker has been an artist since childhood, but it took her until after college to realize there is a place for art in any professional field, as long as you can tell a story.

Born into a gaggle of sisters, all the Thacker girls were encouraged to draw, paint, glue, sculpt, sing, dance, karaoke, and roller skate into all hours of the night. In fact, it wasn't until college that she learned craft cabinets were not common dining room fixtures. Opting to focus on language arts in college, instead of visual arts like her sisters, it was during her classical study abroad experience that she realized she had been missing drawing and painting. It wasn't the 8 hours a day she spent in Greek, Roman, or English museums that reminded her of the importance of painting; it was the way the sun danced on the Aegean while the mountain road carried her closer to a cliff side village. It was the way the tall grasses near Salisbury rolled like cresting waves. As she pedaled an old bike through the twilight courtyard of the Louvre, she realized what she was feeling was the point of artistic expression. She had spent years studying the results of these moments and the works that had moved her the most were those works that expressed this energy. She vowed to live her life savoring these moments and creating. She realized art doesn't need to be compartmentalized to drawing and painting; art is found in stories. Drawing and painting are just two mediums used to tell a story.